AECC helps conserve bat habitats – Eat your way through June


AECC helps conserve bat habitats

 Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC), a wholesale electricity supplier for Arkansas’ 17 electric distribution co-ops, recently installed 12 artificial bat habitats at four sites in north Arkansas.

The artificial habitats consist of 20-foot wooden poles fitted with BrandenBark, an artificial tree bark, and bat guano catchers, said Stephen Cain, manager of environmental compliance for AECC.

The areas are: Kings River Preserve near Berryville, Slippery Hollow Natural Area near Dodd City; Dave Donaldson Black River Wildlife Management Area near Pocahontas, and private property near Blackwell. AECC worked with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, The Nature Conservancy and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service on the projects.

AECC funded the BrandenBark sets for nine structures, pole delivery and pole installation at the four sites. Nine poles were donated by McFarland Cascade, and the remaining three BrandenBark sets were supplied by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. The project was managed by Copperhead Environmental Consulting.

Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., (AECI), a statewide service organization for Arkansas’ 17 electric distribution co-ops, delivered the poles to the four project sites and installed poles at the Kings River Preserve. The other three site installations were done by a general contractor.

“A graduate student from UCA (University of Central Arkansas at Conway) placed acoustic monitors at the project sites to determine if bats are in those areas,” Cain said. “So far, the monitors have detected positive results, indicating bat population. The student will monitor these sites for the next two years.”


Co-op crews assist to install BradenBark on poles and then set the poles for bat habitats.  Photos by Chance Allmon.

Eat your way through June

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