Arkansas’ Ozarks -Through the lens of Tim Ernst


A female purple finch is all puffed up after a prolonged storm left the trees and limbs laden with ice.

A blazing golden winter sunrise, the morning after a winter storm dumped several inches of fresh snow, Hawksbill Crag, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Ozark National Forest, Newton County.





Sunrise above the “Boat Mountain Group” as seen along Arkansas 74, near Jasper.

Crescent moon and ice, and an unnamed waterfall, in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness, Ozark National Forest.


A barn owl, with its endearing heart-shaped face.

A jumble of sandstone boulders after fresh snowfall at Little Bluff (Tim/Pam Ernst property), Panther Creek drainage. (photographed from a drone)

Moss-covered limbs in the spring outlet of a cave in the Buffalo River headwaters area near Deer.


Blue-cold ice formations at the base of a waterfall in Dug Hollow, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Ozark National Forest, Newton County.

A morel mushroom, emerging from the leaves.


The crescent moon hangs in the sky at dawn above a rustic barn, Boxley Valley Historic District.

An old twisted juniper tree, overhanging the Big Piney River, Ozark National Forest.

More than a foot of new snow blankets the historic Robert’s Gap Schoolhouse in the headwaters of the Buffalo River near Red Star.

Eden Falls in the snow, along the Lost Valley Trail, Buffalo National River.

A shy box turtle emerging from a winter slumber in a shallow burrow covered with leaf litter.