Editor’s Welcome: Donkey has a ball as social media star


Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative member Debbie Schluterman lives in Washburn, a tiny, rural township in Sebastian County. But she regularly fields social media friend requests from all over the world.

“I hear from people in Australia and Sweden, just all over the place. Just crazy. Germany. Poland. He’s just known everywhere.”

“He” being her donkey named, well, Donkey — like in Shrek.

When Debbie purchased him for $150 on Facebook Marketplace, she never expected she’d see strangers sharing his videos on the social media site.

She says, “It started out with me throwing him milk jugs, and he would play with them, and he would destroy them so quickly. I thought, ‘There has to be something better. Maybe a Jolly Ball like horses use,’ so, I got one of those.” He nosed it around. He hurled it over the fence. He even played fetch with it. Before he decimated it.

Debbie’s videos of Donkey cavorting with and crushing his toys went viral.

“He tears them up,” she says. “He likes to lie on them. He’ll sit on them. He likes to see how many he can get in his mouth; I’ve seen him carrying four at one time. … He’s just goofy, just goofy and sweet. I’ve never seen anything like him.”

Nor had many of the 1.8 million and counting YouTube users who viewed the braying boy’s latest video, “Donkey Gets a New Ball for Christmas.” In it, he buoyantly breaks in his new blue toy — breaking being the operative word. Grunting with glee, he bursts it in about 10 seconds and totes it with another toy in his teeth while treading about on his hind legs.

Commented one YouTuber: “This is, without any hyperbole, one of the greatest moments ever filmed. The pure joy expressed by this innocent creature is something I hope everyone gets to experience at least once in their lives.”

You too can get a kick out of Donkey and his latest video at tinyurl.com/donkeytoy.


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Jennifer Christman Cia