Editor’s Welcome: Have fun this Have Fun at Work Day!


We all know April Fools’ Day falls on April 1. But there’s another occasion on the same day that — no foolin’ — deserves way more attention: International Have Fun at Work Day.

In the six months that I’ve been Editor of I, Have Fun at Work Day has been every day! I’m blessed to work for an amazing organization with the most positive and professional team on the planet.

There’s Nancy Meador, our outstanding, ultra-organized Associate Editor who keeps everyone on track. There’s Lana Campbell, our multitalented Advertising Coordinator — not to mention hand model/producer of recipe videos. There’s Liz Pounders, our capable, calming Editorial Assistant.

Helping us with proofing is our attentive Copy Editor Denise Dorton and our division’s eagle-eyed Vice President Sandra Byrd, who always catches a typo or 20. (Like when I called a “brick-and-mortar” business a “brick-and-mortal” business — how totally mortal-fying!)

There’s Graphic Designer Dixie Rogers, who always makes us look good and curates our cutest monthly feature, Reflections.

There’d be nothing to design without our excellent regular writers, including our CEO Vernon “Buddy” Hasten (yes, he really writes those great columns himself!), Jenny Boulden, Jack Schnedler, Kat Robinson, Dwain Hebda, Janet Carson, Juliana Goodwin and Rob Roedel.

You know Arkansas Living, which has the largest circulation of any publication in the state, comes from your electric cooperative. But you might not know there are 17 (!) versions of this magazine for all of our Arkansas cooperatives!

That means we also have the fun of collaborating with a wonderful statewide team of co-op editors, who coordinate the cooperative content that appears on pages 22-23 and sometimes page 26. Contributing to Arkansas Living is just a very small part of the demanding jobs that these wearers of many hats do. They don’t get bylines, but we absolutely could not get by without them! So, I’d like to acknowledge them here.

Many thanks to:

Barbara Jenkins, Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative

Rodney Chapman and Melanie Tubbs, Ashley-Chicot Electric Cooperative

Karen Rauls and Mike Berry, C & L Electric Cooperative

Claudia Harp and Cory Smith, Carroll Electric Cooperative

Angie Goodman and Molly Jett, Clay County Electric Cooperative

Jon David Carmack and Marti Hook, Craighead Electric Cooperative

Brynn Bowen, Farmers Electric Cooperative

Jamie McAfee, First Electric Cooperative

Brad Harrison and Angie Hamm, Mississippi County Electric Cooperative

Tori Moss, North Arkansas Electric Cooperative

Leslie Holloway and Angie McLendon, Ouachita Electric Cooperative

Erin Rogers, Kaitlynn Bianconi and Glenda Graves, Ozarks Electric Cooperative

Tonia Robbins, Petit Jean Electric Cooperative

Chris Parker, Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative

Sandy Manning, South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative

Rhonda Morrow, Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative

Anna Howton, Woodruff Electric Cooperative

Hope you have fun this Have Fun at Work Day and all month long!