Five ways to stay cozy this winter


 Baby, it’s cold outside!

When you’re feeling chilly at home, there are several budget-friendly ways you can keep comfortable without

Electric blankets deliver quick warmth and include a variety of features like timers and dual temperature settings.

turning up the thermostat.

Here are five easy ways to stay cozy this winter.

  1. An electric blanket can deliver quick warmth like a regular throw or blanket cannot. Electric blankets can include a variety of features, like timers and dual temperature settings.
  2. Keep your feet warm. Our feet play a critical role in regulating body temperature, so when your feet are warm, your body automatically feels warmer. Try a pair of comfortable wool socks or house slippers to stay toasty.
  3. Harness natural warmth from sunlight. On sunny days, open curtains, drapes and blinds in your home to

    Adding humidity inside your home can make the air feel a little warmer.

    let the sunshine in –– you’ll be able to feel the difference.

  4. Use a humidifier. Cold air doesn’t hold water vapor like warm air, so by adding humidity inside your home, you can feel a little warmer. A favorable level of humidity inside your home can also help clear sinuses, soften skin and improve sleep.
  5. Area rugs can also provide extra insulation and a warm surface for your feet on cold winter days. Use large area rugs in rooms where you spend the most time.