Fox & Fork delivers perfection



Many years ago, Rob Mullins received a toy fox as a gift, and it now plays a part of the restaurant that he and Kim, his wife opened in July of 2015.

Known as Bandit Fox to the Mullins family, which includes five children, the fox has been with Rob for many years, the subject of family jokes. When the couple was struggling with a name for their restaurant, they knew they wanted “fox” in the name. During a family event, Rob’s mom, Pat, mentioned Fox & Fork, thus the restaurant’s interesting name was born.

The restaurant has a warm, urban décor and is in a historic space in downtown Clarksville. It is adorned with an eclectic array of items that includes many fox-themed items. Prior to the Mullins’ ownership, the building was the home of the KXIO radio station and a coffee house.

Owners Rob and Kim Mullins

“It has been a dream of ours to own a restaurant, and we are now living our dream,” Kim said.

The house-made bread is one of Rob’s original creations. His breadmaking technique takes about three days to complete. It took him about nine weeks to develop his process and achieve his desired product. Let me tell you, I’m glad he developed it, as the bread is awesome.

The Bread and Butter Plate features Rob’s delicious homemade bread that is served with different options on different days. Options range from hummus to goat cheese and honey, but I hit a homerun on my visit as it was house-made pimento cheese day! The pimento cheese features a hint of smoky flavor and includes a blend of several cheeses. The result is fabulous and sure to please your palate.

“I try to mimic four-star restaurants and put my own spins on our food,” said Rob, a self-taught chef. “I often read or view what top chefs are doing to stay up on trends and deliver four-star dishes to our diners.”

The Foxy BLT

The Fox & Fork take on the classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is the Foxy BLT. The sandwich features Rob’s homemade bread, many strips of crispy double-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and a layer of Rob’s pimento cheese. The homemade bread and the house-made pimento cheese make this one a must-try for all BLT lovers. And, the house-made chips are a nice touch to the plate.


The Bread and Butter Plate with Fox & Fork pimento cheese.

Chef Craig Alderson joined the team last year after running another restaurant and meeting the Mullins while dining at the Fox & Fork. Kim said the two chefs feed off each other’s creativity in the kitchen.

The interesting list of entrees ranges from Pan-Seared Tuna to Steak Burgundy to Gourmet Mac and Cheese, but one of the house specialties is the Monster Burger. The Monster Burger is a one-pound, certified Angus beef creation that is dressed out with havarti cheese, double-smoked bacon, sriracha and mixed greens, nestled between a ciabatta bun. This burger may be called a monster, but the flavor was divine once I got my hands around it. The rosemary fries that were served with it were quite good also.

A house salad with perfectly cooked panseared tuna.

I tried the house salad with Pan-Seared Tuna and was impressed with the huge portion of delightful coriander-crusted tuna that was beautifully placed atop an attractive bowl of heritage greens, grape tomatoes, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, sliced red onions and sprinkled Craisins. I opted for the made-fresh roasted garlic peppercorn dressing, which accentuated the wonderful flavors with the tuna and the other salad contents. The tuna was top-notch and prepared to a beautiful pink center.

Stop by the Fox & Fork. Rob and Kim will make sure you have a great meal and feel right at home.


117 South College Ave.  Clarksville, AR 479-647-5010

Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 AM – 9 PM