It’s a family affair at Star City’s Country Village Bar-B-Q

LE Family

The Country Village Bar-B-Q family includes: (from left to right) Brooklyn Whipple, Robyn Ann Whipple, Jody Snow, Robyn Snow, Rachel Burton and Ella Burton.

It is a family affair at the Country Village Bar-B-Q in Star City, and the restaurant’s customers are the lucky recipients.

Jody and Robyn Snow are the owners of the Country Village Bar-B-Q and other family members lend a hand with the operation. Lending a hand often means creating unique offerings that tantalize the tastebuds of hungry customers.

According to Robyn, many of the recipes were developed by her father, John Fuque, who started the restaurant, while others have been developed over time by family members.

One creation is the Onion Nest. This appetizer features a huge portion of thinly sliced onions that are hand-battered with a custom-seasoned breading and deep-fried to a golden goodness. The presentation includes a bowl of homemade ranch dressing “nesting” in the center of the Onion Nest for dipping. This appetizer tops blooming onions anytime.

Another Country Bar-B-Q kitchen creation is the Chicken Bow Tie Pasta. This entree includes delicious, grilled chicken, perfectly cooked bow-tie pasta, parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped green onions and sliced mushrooms delicately tossed in a rich, light cream sauce.  If you aren’t in the mood for barbecue, then this is the item to try. It is homemade and better than the offerings of chain restaurants.

The Baked Potato Supreme is a Country Bar-B-Q innovation that consists of a large baked potato split open and filled with pork barbecue (you can get beef or chili, if desired), then topped with butter, melted cheddar LE Loaded Potatoecheese, bacon bits, sour cream, green onions and drizzled with ranch dressing. This is one of the restaurant’s top sellers. Each bite of this dressed-up spud has a unique taste explosion that magically mixes the ingredients to create heavenly flavors.

What about barbecue? Let’s just say barbecue is in the restaurant’s name and the Snow family cooks it and serves it up right. They offer hot, mild and sweet custom-developed barbecue sauce on the side.

The Baby Back Ribs were absolutely delicious. Jody smokes the ribs low and slow with hickory wood in the restaurant’s custom-made smoker out back. Next, he dusts the mouth-watering loin cut ribs with a secret dry-rub seasoning. They were served with a delectable bowl of baked beans that had a nice kick and a heaping helping of homemade potato salad.

Some-Of-It-All is the perfect way to sample the Country Village Bar-B-Q’s grilled and smoked meats. This hugeLE Platter platter includes sliced beef, sliced pork, smoked chicken, smoked sausage and a St. Louis-style rib. It was served with fresh, homemade coleslaw, but there are 17 other options for sides. The sliced beef brisket was moist, tender and had just the right amount of hickory smoke flavor. The sliced pork was good enough to make a hog blush. The smoked chicken was moist and fork-tender with a great taste. The St. Louis-style rib was picture-perfect, but my favorite was the smoked sausage. With one bite I could tell the sausage was not the store-bought variety. It was a link of homemade goodness and absolutely delicious. Jody confirmed that my intuition was correct. The Country Village Bar-B-Q hand-stuffs their smoked sausages. Wow. You have to give it a try.

LE Pecan Creame PieThe restaurant’s desserts are made fresh. The selections vary from day-to-day, but the Lemon Cheese Pie is available every day. This light and creamy pie is a crowd favorite that has just the right amount of lemon flavor. I also sampled the Carmel Pecan Pie, which is made from Robyn’s mom’s recipe. The light and fluffy cream pie has the same flavor as a pecan pie and is delightful. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie was equally as good for anyone who prefers chocolate.

Go see the folks at the Country Bar-B-Q in Star City. They will make you feel like family and provide you with a dining experience that you will truly appreciate.

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