Let’s Eat: The Purple Onion offers big-city dining in Cabot



Opened in 2014, The Purple Onion is a popular Cabot restaurant.

When the Purple Onion opened in 2014, the growing city of Cabot gained a local restaurant that allowed residents to enjoy a “big-city” dining experience close to their homes. They adored it from the beginning.

The Purple Onion’s signature dish is the Swamp Basket, featuring shrimp, catfish, chicken tenders and fixings.

The spacious Purple Onion has a great team dedicated to making guests feel at home while enjoying a delicious meal. The décor is fun and welcoming with ample televisions, so guests can enjoy watching sporting events while pleasing their palates.

“We serve the best quality product we can find,” said Toby Oberkrom, area manager for the local restaurant group that includes the Purple Onion. The group, owned by Scott Stevens of Cabot, includes five different restaurant concepts. “We ensure that our portions are large, and our customers get their money’s worth and never leave hungry.”

General Manager Stormy Layton began her career as a server at the Purple Onion and worked in every role prior to her current position. Her attention to detail and love of Cabot radiates from her, as she smoothly ensures that guests are comfortable and the food is perfect.

Some menu items are the result of the Purple Onion’s “Limited Time” menu concept as a method of determining customers’ preferences. Over time, the menu has evolved into an expansive list of appetizers, soups, salads, tacos, quesadillas, hamburgers, sandwiches, pastas, chicken, steaks and seafood.

The Leggo My Eggo Burger comes piled high with onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and two fried eggs.

Among the 14 appetizers are Gator Bites, tasty pieces of marinated and blackened farm-raised alligator that are lovingly hand-breaded and fried to perfection. The Purple Onion’s “bang-bang” sauce adds a little kick. Next time, I am going to try the Boudin Dip, featuring grilled boudin, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, sour cream and Cajun spices.

Stormy presented me with an appetizing serving of Red Beans and Rice, Chicken Gumbo and Crawfish Etouffee. The Purple Onion’s take on Red Beans and Rice, with slowly simmered pork shoulder and seasoned red beans, is a winner. I loved the Louisiana-style gumbo that included chicken, andouille sausage, okra, rice and Creole seasoning. Crawfish Etouffee is my favorite of the three, and the Purple Onion delivered a warm, comforting creation of crawfish, mushrooms, onions, celery, bell pepper and spices in a creamy sauce. I was advised that many customers love to add the etouffee as a topper for steaks and other items.

The Leggo My Eggo Burger is a Purple Onion masterpiece that any true burger connoisseur must try. The team had fun engineering this flavorful half-pound hamburger patty with sautéed onion, two fried eggs, four slices of hickory-smoked bacon and melted cheddar cheese served between grilled Texas toast slices.

The Purple Onion proudly serves Alaskan Snow Crab Legs.

According to Stormy, the star of the Purple Onion menu is the legendary Swamp Basket — a half-pound of seasoned, steamed shrimp, delicious golden-fried USDA catfish filets with a nice crunch, two hand-breaded chicken tenders, home-cut fries and jalapeño hushpuppies. The Swamp Basket would be a winning choice to enjoy while watching a ball game.

The Purple Onion offers top-quality oysters and Alaskan Snow Crab Legs. I was served the crab legs, and let’s just say that I got to cracking and simply couldn’t stop until the full pound was extinct.

The aroma of the Bread Pudding preceded its delivery to my table. I simply don’t know how anyone in the restaurant didn’t crave this warm, delicious dessert as it passed by their table. The presentation, with a drizzle of caramel sauce and a sprinkle of powdered sugar, was as excellent as the taste.