Looking back 75 years ago


In February 1946, Arkansas’ electric co-ops were busy re-starting the rural electrification of the state after World War II greatly slowed the movement. Beyond our state, the nation and world were undergoing major changes. Here are some highlights from 1946, the year the co-ops began publishing what is now Arkansas Living.

  • On Feb. 4, 1946, newspapers began running weather forecasts again. They had been suspended since Dec. 15, 1941, as part of homeland security during World War II. 
  • On Feb. 16, 1946, the first commercial helicopter made its first flight. 
  • On Feb. 14, 1946, the ENIAC electronic computer began operating. It was the first general purpose electronic computer and weighed 30 tons, had 18,000 vacuum tubes, was 8 feet tall and 100 feet long.
  • The price of a gallon of milk was 67 cents. 
  • A dozen eggs cost 59 cents.