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The Electric Cooperative Youth Tour 2018 – Arkansas students tour nation’s capital

At times, it seems that only negativity emanates from Washington, D.C. For many years now, it hasn’t been uncommon for people to express frustration regarding anything related to our nation’s capital. Yet, the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas just sent 40 young people to visit this place, as we have done every year since 1990. To

Fly Away Forward

Songwriter Albert E. Brumley hoped to cement his legacy through a foundation for music. His granddaughter, Betsy, made that dream come true. If someone asked you to name a spiritual song, two choices would probably come to mind — “Amazing Grace” and “I’ll Fly Away.” The latter was written by the late Albert E. Brumley,

Pucker up with Pickling

Forget canning — pickling is the modern way to preserve food. It’s easier, faster, doesn’t require special equipment and isn’t as nerve-racking if you have kids running around. In most of these recipes, I have different spice mixtures with the same vinegar solution over the vegetables, so the flavor in each jar is different. If

‘I just got better’

I remember our first meeting. “I’m Michael from L.A.,” he said with eyes sparkling and a slight grin. “Long way from home,” I replied. “Yeah, I’m from L.A. … Lower Arkansas.” His grin grew into a broad smile, so big his eyes almost crinkled shut. I had just met Michael Carter, our office’s mail-delivery guy.

Food Hall of Fame app – Arkansas 529 College app – Secchi Day

Taste Arkansas with the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame app Mobile users can now explore the best of Arkansas foods with the Department of Arkansas Heritage’s (DAH) app, Arkansas Food Hall of Fame. “We are so pleased to bring the best of Arkansas’ food heritage to the palm of your hand. No matter where you

Vitamin D

If it seems like you’re hearing more about the importance of vitamin D lately, you’re not mistaken. More and more Americans are becoming deficient in this vital nutrient, even as doctors and scientists are learning more about its importance. “It affects nearly every cell and system in the whole body,” said Dr. Nadine Alex of

67 Grill offers fun, great food

For Heidi and Stacey Morrison, the 67 Grill is a family venture. Originally located in Friendship, the couple and their children, Judson Doran, Melissa Heft and Madelyn Morrison, along with other family members, operate the grill in downtown Arkadelphia. The Friendship location provided a great opportunity for the couple to “get their feet wet” and

Understanding appliance energy use

Appliance energy use is usually less, on average, than home heating and cooling, but it can be several hundred dollars each year. Your appliance use depends on factors like the model, how often you use it, the settings you use for its particular function and even the time of day it is most used. Over

Water wisdom

All living things need it to survive.  We drink it, we bathe in it, we swim in it, and we fish in it. We often take it for granted. In Arkansas we are blessed with an abundant supply of water, yet we still need to use it wisely. To keep your gardens happy and healthy,

A Trip of a Lifetime

Don’t just take our word for it, hear the stories of the 2018 Youth Tour delegates as they describe their experiences during their week-long trip to Washington, D.C., in June.