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Caretakers of History

New owners of historic Marlsgate Plantation have grand plans The Marlsgate Plantation in Scott has for decades provided a gracious historic backdrop for formal weddings and private parties. The new owners of the Greek Revival mansion have added monthly dinners open to the public for “the Marlsgate experience” and are readying four upstairs bedrooms for

Merry bicentennial, Fort Smith!

 City celebrates 200 years of history Dec. 25, 1817, was a cold winter’s day on the Arkansas River. Far from their families and festivities, about 60 U.S. Army soldiers and four laundresses landed at the site where they would build Fort Smith. Their mission was to keep the peace between the warring Osage and Cherokee

Hole in the Wall delivers Southern comfort

Conway is a very progressive central Arkansas city with colleges and rapid growth of commercial development, but the Hole in the Wall Restaurant is preserving a piece of the community’s past by occupying a former cotton gin and delivering small-town, down home comfort foods day in and day out. Owner Toni Burrows was raised in

Arkansas scrapbook – A Little Rock Christmas

Snows all seemed deeper, crisper back then. The air, somehow chillier. Savory aromas, wafting from that Franke’s Bakery delivery truck pulled into our driveway, seemed sweeter, more poignant. And the twinkling lights in a lively downtown Little Rock seemed brighter by far than they ever have since. They’ve written volumes about Christmas in New England. Holidays in

A secret peace

As we enter the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our culture places a special emphasis on seeking peace. This is ironic for many of us because this season can seem anything but peaceful, as we rush to holiday parties, musical performances, religious services and family gatherings! Each of these special events should bring us peace,

Save big money – Christmas in the Capital City

Save money on big-ticket purchases If a penny saved is a penny earned, then saving on big purchases could be a mortgage payment earned. But how? With patience, research and a little negotiation, you can get better deals on the things you need (and want) most. Household goods According to Consumer Reports, seasonal savings still

Water heaters 101 

Question: How long should a water heater last? And what can you do to make a water heater more energy efficient? Answer: It’s hard to say how long your water heater will last. Certified home inspectors estimate the life span to be about 10 years. Some manufacturers suggest 12 to 13 years, but I had

Gifts for the gardener

If you have a gardener on your Christmas gift-giving list, you have a lot of great options. Gardeners never have everything they could possibly need. There are always new gardening gadgets, pruners, hoes and containers. Ergonomic tools for our aging gardeners, hand tools and even kid-size tools are available in many different sizes and shapes.