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Ballet Spectacular – Ballet Arkansas celebrates 40 years of dance

As the opening dancers take their places, the anticipation and energy of the whispering audience on the other side of the curtain is almost palpable. This is the moment the dancers have been looking toward for months, the heady buzz that comes from being on stage again, about to do what they love most in

Cane Hill project celebrates a state treasure

Donna and Kelly Mulhollan, Arkansas’ well-known musical duo Still on the Hill, bring incredible, artful skill to story-based historical/musical projects. Past endeavors include Ozark Project (2010), which won the Governor’s Folklife Award for preservation of Ozark traditions; Once A River (2015), which focused on the White River before it was dammed to create Beaver Lake

December delights

 It’s the holiday entertaining season, and everyone needs delicious, easy recipes by their side. Whether you want to make a gift from your kitchen, take a dish to church, or host an open house, these recipes will help get you through. They are quick, simple and delightful. Ranch Bacon Oyster Crackers                 

The beauty and benefits of houseplants

The beauty and benefits of houseplants Houseplants are seeing a resurgence in popularity, but honestly, at my house they never went out of style. I have them in different rooms to add ambience, help cleanse the air and bring a little nature indoors, which is especially important to me in the winter months. A well-placed

The best gift

The holidays are approaching, with the expectation of giving and receiving gifts. Advertisers ask, “Have you bought all your gifts yet?” Stacey Kramer, in her TED Talk “The Best Gift,” shares her experience with a very special gift she received. As she described it, this small unexpected gift brought her entire family together. It made

Electrify your holiday gift list

 Advances in electronics offer something for everyone Electricity doesn’t just have to light up your tree this Christmas — it can also power your holiday gift list. Electric gadgets can cook, entertain, help with chores and improve your health, says Brian Sloboda, a program and product manager at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).

Living the American Dream at The Olde Crow General Store 

  If you were raised in rural Arkansas, you probably had a meal at a community general store. Thanks to Damon and Jana Helton, you can still do so at the Olde Crow General Store in Saline County. The Heltons relocated to rural Saline County in 2009 after Damon served five United States Army deployments in

Small heaters can lead to bigger bills

  During winter, for many of us, comfort at home means heat. When central heating is unavailable or inadequate, consumers often turn to space heaters for additional warmth. Experts warn their widespread use, over extended periods, can boost winter heating bills. “In some cases, small space heaters can be less expensive to use if you only

Help your holiday cactus bloom

 When you think of a holiday plant, poinsettias jump to mind. Unlike the poinsettia, there is one showy plant that reblooms annually with just a little care: the holiday cactus. Cactus plants conjure up visions of deserts and spines, but the holiday cactus is a spineless cactus with very showy blooms. The holiday cactus is