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A Eureka Springs Christmas-Resort town celebrates with lights, festivities

This December, wrap yourself in Christmas magic in Eureka Springs. Tucked in the Ozark hills, this tourist town has become a holiday destination. “We have worked very hard to extend the season,” says Bill Ott, director of marketing and communications for the Crescent Hotel. “Everything used to close when the Passion Play was over, but

Honoring Arkansas’ veterans 

Former co-op VP among those inducted into the Arkansas Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame  Arkansas military veterans and their families and friends gathered last month to honor 15 Arkansas veterans as they were inducted into the Arkansas Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame (AMVHOF). Among those inductees was Carmie L. Henry of Little Rock, former vice

’Tis the season for giving

The month of December is a time of giving, caring and sharing, and a special time for families and friends to spend time together. The employees, managers and directors of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas celebrate this special time of year by giving their time, resources and joyful service to many charitable events and activities.

A bedtime Christmas story

For his day job, Associate General Counsel for Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC), John Elkins does plenty of legal writing. But in his Dad time, Elkins — whose pen name is J. Theron Elkins — does writing of a different kind. And rhyme. Just back from his travels            Where he

P.J.’s River Run Restaurant offers world-class dining

Jimmy and Ann Green had a dream of living in a place where they could raise their family in a peaceful, small- town environment. In 2015, they realized their dream when they found P.J.’s Lodge and River Run Restaurant in Norfork. “We were living in California and looking for a fishing resort that we could

Holiday plants are welcome gifts

The holidays are upon us, and thoughts of sugar plums and Santa Claus are replacing gardening thoughts. While our focus may not be on gardening, it is the season for giving and receiving. Holiday plants are a welcome gift to give and receive, and they can add color and interest to your holiday decorations. With

Whisk you a merry Christmas with gifts of food cheer

My neighbor recently told me that food was my “language of love.” And she’s right. Homemade food is a gesture of love and friendship, and I can’t think of a better holiday gift. Gifts from the kitchen are my favorite. They are personal and delicious. If you want to share some edible love, here are

Fireplaces: For extra value, add extra safety 

A fire in the hearth is a warm and welcoming part of winter for many Americans, but open flames inside the home should always be tended safely. Before you light your fireplace, we’re hoping you consider safety first. “Carbon monoxide exposure, burns and fire risks are the major hazards associated with fireplaces, but all of these