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Can pets make you healthier? Health professionals and pet lovers discuss the benefits of a life with our animal friends.

After a stressful day, sometimes all I want to do is go home and zone out with my cat Ivy sitting on my lap for a while,” said Michele Vaughn, a middle school teacher in Tyler, Texas, who, along with her husband, Jim, rescued the white female with tabby spots nearly seven years ago. “Ivy

Mena’s Chopping Block still hoppin’ and choppin’

  When I started working at the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, I visited Rich Mountain Electric in Mena and was treated to lunch at the Chopping Block Steakhouse by Leon Philpot, the cooperative’s CEO. I loved it. During a recent Let’s Eat visit, I learned that although many years have passed, the restaurant’s fare is

Furry therapists full of heart – therapy dog volunteers offer comfort and joy

It’s Saturday afternoon at the Sid McMath Library branch in Little Rock, and a quiet ring of middle school girls sits on chairs and beanbags reading children’s books aloud to two dogs wearing bandanas. Audi, a scruffy Schnauzer mix, and Phydeaux, an oatmeal-colored, Standard Poodle, are there for a monthly reading program called “Tailwaggin’ Tutors,”

Tips for traveling with pets

Prepare ahead for safety and fun  For many pet owners, a trip just isn’t the same if their four-legged family members can’t come along to enjoy it with them. Sometimes, however, traveling with a dog or a cat in a world that is not always designed to accommodate them can be stressful for humans and

Working out with your pets

  The benefits of having a four-legged exercise partner  A recent Michigan State University study showed that dog owners were 34 percent more likely to get the recommended two-and-a-half hours of exercise a week than folks without canine companions. And while researchers have long recognized that almost any physical movement and activity is beneficial to

Co-op 101

What makes a co-op different? This past month we met with business leaders, lobbyists and legislators to discuss bills under consideration by the Arkansas General Assembly. In discussing one particular proposal, we explained that additional proposed regulation and oversight would be unnecessary because of our cooperative business model. Our counterparties pushed back, asking “but you’re

Welcoming home a puppy, wear red, perk up your heart!

Welcoming a puppy home Nothing is more heartwarming than the first warm nuzzle from a new puppy. With new pets, however, come new responsibilities and opportunities. Here are some tips for the new puppy owner: Find a veterinarian: A veterinarian should be your first call and will help you keep up-to-date on puppy care. Use

Fireplaces can leave you cold

   For those who enjoy fireplaces, wintertime presents the opportunity to put another log on the fire. There’s nothing like the crackling sound, the ambiance of the glowing flame and the soothing warmth of a fireplace. However, the minute the flue is opened and the match is struck, the laws of nature can bring unintended

A taste of spring – Arkansas Flower and Garden Show set for Feb. 24-26

  After the roller-coaster ride we have had with winter weather, we are all ready to have a taste of spring. That is just what you will get at the 26th annual Arkansas Flower and Garden Show Feb. 24-26 at the Statehouse Convention Center in downtown Little Rock. Local Roots is the theme of this

Scenes from The Past – Petit Jean Mountain 1995

This photo by A.C. Haralson graced the cover of Rural Arkansas, now Arkansas Living, in February 1995, with this caption: “A touch of winter beauty on Petit Jean Mountain as a waterfall tumbles over stones amid ice and snow. This state park, served by First Electric, is open four seasons for you to enjoy.”