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Coming Up Roses – Arkansas florists deliver beauty and bliss

Perhaps it’s fitting that the history of Valentine’s Day — a romantic day observed with an abundance of fragrant red roses — is a bit thorny. There are differing stories about the origins of Valentine’s Day. Many involve one or possibly more martyrs called St. Valentine executed on Feb. 14 as early as 270 A.D.

The ‘Karma Cake’

We have all heard the saying “What goes around comes around.” In the Bible, Galatians 6:7 says, “A man reaps what he sows.” I refer to this as “Karma Cake,” and if we reap what we sow, we eventually must take a bite of the cake we bake.  This story starts in 2003 when I

February outings for family fun 

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause cancellations of events across the state, requiring us to temporarily suspend our Around Arkansas calendar. Until life returns to normal, there are things you can do besides binge-watch every TV series ever produced and bake endless loaves of sourdough (though there’s nothing wrong with that, either).   Why not

Looking back 75 years ago

In February 1946, Arkansas’ electric co-ops were busy re-starting the rural electrification of the state after World War II greatly slowed the movement. Beyond our state, the nation and world were undergoing major changes. Here are some highlights from 1946, the year the co-ops began publishing what is now Arkansas Living. On Feb. 4, 1946,

For the birds – Tips for feeding your backyard birds

Spring may not be far away, but for now, it is still winter, and the backyard birds that bring us such beauty and pleasure can still use some help with food. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has some tips on how to help wild birds make it through the winter and beyond. Make sure you keep

Bank on excellent food at The Vault 1905 Sports Grill

Lonnie and Mindy London visited the Van Buren area often to ride motorcycles and enjoy the area’s scenic beauty. They eventually retired to the area and opened The Vault 1905 Sports Grill on Main Street in 2019.  Lonnie, a retired fire chief, and Mindy, a retired school teacher, wanted to open a restaurant in downtown

Do-it-yourself home check

I had put it off as long as I could  — that most terrible of tasks dreaded by every homeowner whose home has one — a visit to the crawl space. I knew I might encounter spiders, odd odors and other unpleasantries. And I knew as an energy auditor that I would have to go

‘Triple Seven Rule’ for health and fitness

What do I need to do to be more healthy and fit? Should I modify my eating habits? What if I add more exercise? Should I work on both? “To attain a moderate level of health and fitness, it’s a dual-pronged approach,” says Natasha Weddle, founder of TNB Fitness and The New Beginnings Center in

Curry favor with comfort classics

February temperatures call for hearty comfort food. Bring on the casseroles, soups and such. When the winter chill sets in, make my thick and satisfying Creamy Mushroom Soup. Craving Mexican? Try Creamy Chicken Enchiladas. For an Italian-inspired dish, make an easy and delicious Awesome Pasta Casserole. One of my all-time favorite meals is Chicken or

Good seedlings make a good crop

Growing your own vegetables is fun and rewarding. Some vegetables we can grow from seed, while others need a small plant or transplant to jump-start the season. Many gardeners have favorite varieties, especially of tomatoes and peppers, but not all varieties are readily available at local nurseries and garden centers. To get specific varieties, you