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Arkansas wildlife

Tim Ernst, Arkansas’ renowned wilderness photographer, captured portraits of some of Arkansas’ beautiful and, sometimes elusive, wildlife in all their splendor in his book “Arkansas Wildlife: Intimate Portraits of the Wild Species that Roam ‘The Natural State.’” We are pleased to present a portfolio of some of those photos, along with Tim’s descriptions from the book. Barred owl

Trumpeter swans return home

Watching a flight of trumpeter swans sweep down from the sky on massive wings to land gracefully on Magness Lake in Cleburne County, it’s easy to appreciate what the state’s early settlers saw in these birds: Beautiful, graceful, and delicious, easy targets. By the 1880s, the good people of Arkansas had essentially eaten their way through

Fayetteville’s legendary Herman’s Ribhouse is a local favorite

Northwest Arkansas has experienced tremendous growth with many new restaurants opening in the area in recent years, but one of the best in the area — Herman’s Ribhouse of Fayetteville — has been around since 1964. Herman Tuck, the restaurant’s namesake, operated the establishment until 1990 when it was sold to Bruce and P.J. Barnes, who

Seeing around the corners (aka the Arkansas 2016 Energy Forecast)

As a kid, I had a kind of spyglass with mirrors inside that allowed me to peek around corners. I had a lot of fun using this to outsmart my brothers as we played pranks on one another. Today, I guess you’d just use your cell phone camera, but in 1969 one could really have a lot


AECC board elects new officers The board of directors of Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC), the Little Rock-based wholesale power supplier for Arkansas’ 17 electric distribution cooperatives, elected newofficers at the board’s December meeting. They are: chairman, Bill Conine, CEO and generalmanager of Petit Jean Electric Cooperative; vice chairman, Alan Hunnicutt, a member of the board

2016: The year to consider geothermal

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s celebration! Speaking of celebrating, let us rejoice the near-normal temperatures as we move into the winter season. And if you haven’t noticed, the dollar amount we have invested to heat our homes so far this winter is down approximately 40 percent versus last year. As a reminder, our

Dress the new year in amaryllis

When the holiday decorations are put up, it is often a dreary time indoors. One plant that can add some color is the amaryllis. Not only are they one of the showiest flowers around, but they stay in bloom for at least four to six weeks, and, with proper care, can re-bloom year after year. The amaryllis,

Let’s talk about the flu

When people get the flu, it hits them suddenly,” says Dr. Jennifer Dillaha, medical director for immunization and medical advisor for health literacy and communications at the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). “They feel like they have been hit by a Mack truck.” Although the influenza virus is tiny — only one-thousandth the width of a