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Underground Arkansas – Discover Blanchard Springs Caverns

It is 80 degrees and sunny on the steps that lead to the entrance to Blanchard Springs Caverns. The equivalent of 21 stories below, where the public tour begins, it’s 58 degrees and dark. “Are you ready for an adventure?” Tracy Wiley, a guide with the U.S. Forest Service, asks the 18 explorers in sweatshirts

Cool Caves Spelunkers explore Arkansas

If it’s too hot this summer for outdoor activities above ground, consider going below. Underground, mostly in Northwest and north-central Arkansas, there are beautiful caves with forgotten springs and rivers, amazing rock formations and mazes, along with little-known creatures that live only in the dark. And the temperature in the caves is in the mid-

Brighten your garden with summer bulbs

When you say bulbs, most people think of spring-blooming tulips and daffodils. Aside from the common spring bulbs, there is another group of bulbs that shine and can be just as easy to grow as daffodils. They will give you loads of color in foliage and/or flowers, and will actually bloom longer than their spring

Destination Delta – Arkansas Delta’s economic potential showcased

Exciting things are happening in the Arkansas Delta. For the second year in a row, Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff hosted an economic development conference to showcase the wonderful new education, employment, health, and “destination recreation” success stories in the region. A distinguished group of speakers — ranging from Governor Hutchinson and other government officials to

A close call

When I think of close calls, I remember my visit to the Ajax Café. The Ajax Café was a pleasant seafood restaurant on a quiet little bay near Seattle, Wash. Most visitors enjoyed a nice meal and maybe some live music. The best thing I can say is, I survived my visit. Traveling on a

Be Safe – Fireworks and electrical safety on the water

Be safe as you celebrate July 4th  The National Council on Fireworks Safety (NCFS) encourages consumers to review all safety tips before purchasing and using fireworks. “Every year, safety is our first priority as families begin to plan their Fourth of July festivities. While fireworks are the most iconic and festive way to celebrate our

East End Café will treat you like family

The East End Café has been a local landmark to the residents of the close-knit community of East End for about 20 years. It is known for its homemade offerings and excellent, hometown-style service. Owner Todd Taylor is a seasoned 32-year restaurant veteran who has owned other eateries in central Arkansas and managed locations of

Cool off the house with LEDs

Last month, we revealed details for our 10th Annual Energy Efficiency Makeover contest. By June 12, we had received nearly 5,700 entry forms! Join the fun and maybe you’ll be chosen to receive an LED lighting retrofit kit provided by General Electric (GE). Each kit will include LED general purpose, candelabra, recessed and flood lights