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A family tradition-Magic Springs celebrates 40 years of fun

“Arkansas. Summer. Hot weather. And the anticipation of that ride to Magic Springs. That was the perfect combination,” said Todd Yakoubian, a meteorologist at KATV, Channel 7, in Little Rock, remembering his childhood trips to Magic Springs Theme and Water Park in Hot Springs. “I grew up in Arkansas, and as a kid, I knew

Hometown girl, rising star

Searcy native Bonnie Montgomery trained in opera, but she’s making her name in country music Bonnie Montgomery’s musical roots grow deep under her family tree. “On both sides of my family, everybody has the talent,” the Searcy native and rising country music star said. “We are really musical, but no one was doing music as

First Arkansas Country Music Awards take the stage

The Arkansas Country Music Awards have been a long time coming, but when the idea formed in producer and founder Nathan Hunnicutt’s head one night while he sat at his computer, he got started on them right away. “I have experience working with these kinds of awards shows in several other states,” the Rose Bud

Those young people!

“Too many young people itch for what they want without scratching for it.”— attributed to Thomas Taylor, 1758-1835. It’s easy to criticize a work that’s incomplete. In 1848, when the Washington Monument was under construction, it was criticized for looking “like a chimney.” More recently, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (“a dark tombstone”), the Franklin Delano

Arkansas Living wins award and better manage your time

Arkansas Living wins Arkansas Country Music Association’s Magazine of the Year Award  Arkansas Living magazine, the largest circulation publication in the state, won the Arkansas Country Music Association’s Magazine of the Year Award at the organization’s inaugural awards program on June 4 in Little Rock. The award ceremony highlighted and honored Arkansas musicians in 27

The Grill at Whispering Woods

When the Lake Norfork Dam was completed in 1944, it changed the lives of residents and attracted new visitors to enjoy the area. Seventy-one years later, Lake Norfork changed the lives of a couple who were looking to settle down. Richard and Kim Quiblier were working for a company that catered for professional golf events

Fast flavor with fresh herbs

It’s summer and the herbs are fragrant and flourishing. So snip off some parsley, cilantro, mint and basil, and get in the kitchen. There’s nothing like cooking with herbs from your garden. Parsley Potato Salad                                         

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home

If you have an air conditioner that is at least 15 years old, you might wonder if it is best to go ahead and replace it with a unit that is much more energy efficient before it fails on a 100-degree day. Replacing an inefficient air conditioner with a more efficient model could significantly reduce

Plants that can beat the heat

Tropical plants thrive in the warm, humid environment of the tropics, and in an Arkansas summer, it often feels somewhat tropical outside. A wide range of tropical plants, both foliage and flowers, can be found at nurseries and garden centers statewide, and there should still be some available. If you looked for them early this