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Go fish!

Arkansas offers world-class fishing statewide If fishing is your game, Arkansas is your place. No matter where you go in The Natural State, you’ll find an amazing variety of species in diverse settings. From the crystal-clear lakes of Northwest and north- central Arkansas to the muddy, cypress-studded water in the state’s southern reaches, Arkansas holds

The Great Flood of 2019

Torrential rains that fell across Oklahoma and Kansas in May led to catastrophic and record-setting flooding along the Arkansas River that extended into June. It was clear that areas along the Arkansas River in Arkansas were in danger of flooding after residents were urged to evacuate on May 22 in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, near the

Concern for Community 

One of the many things that electric cooperatives are known for is their involvement in, and commitment to, their communities. In addition to providing life-sustaining and life-enhancing electricity service, our cooperative employees have a driving purpose and sense of community.  We have a strong commitment to help make your town and community a thriving one and

Moon landing turns 50 as the world remembers

In July 1969, America did something amazing, and the world came together in wonder to celebrate human accomplishment. It’s easy to forget what a remarkable moment the Apollo 11 moon landing was for practically everyone on the planet. After all, anyone born in the last half century grew up with space exploration as basic fact.

Crabby’s Seafood Bar and Grill will make you happy

In Northwest Arkansas’ bustling restaurant scene many restaurants have surfaced, but Crabby’s Seafood Bar and Grill has stood the test of time due to a dedication to excellent service and superb culinary offerings. “We have received rewards for our service provided by long-time employees,” said Joey Hurt, general manager of Crabby’s. “We are not a

Summer calls for salsa, salad and sweets

July is a special time. From potlucks and Independence Day celebrations to juicy peaches and ice cream treats, it’s the perfect month to celebrate summer. So, grab your family, get outdoors, visit a farmers’ market and enjoy summer while you can. Sweet peaches are key to this recipe. If you don’t have fresh, you can

Shrubs add seasonal flower power

The goal for many gardeners is to have plants blooming in every season. Spring plants finish, then we move on to summer. Some gardeners rely heavily on annuals and perennials for color in the summer. But plenty of shrubs can provide pops of color, and they come back year after year. When we consider blooming