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Saving time, saving lives – ‘Trauma Comm’ Makes Statewide Emergency Care Stronger, Speedier

  It could happen to you. One moment you are at work, outdoors, in your vehicle or even at home, going about your normal activities. Then suddenly, an accident or violent crime causes a medical trauma that puts your life and future health in immediate danger. If you become one of the thousands of Arkansans

Summertime, and the living is easy

  Gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith shares news from his Moss Mountain Farm and Garden Home Retreat near Roland. Summer is a time to slow down and take life just a little bit easier. It’s a time to practice mindfulness and be present in nature. If you grow your own produce, invite friends,

Currents – EV Rally and watch for signs of heat illness

Hillcrest High School wins EV Rally   Hillcrest High School took first place in the 2016 Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas Electric Vehicle (EV) Rally on May 6 at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds. The contest included more than 200 participants representing 15 Arkansas schools. “The EV Rally has grown each year, which reflects the growing interest

Washington’s ‘gap year’

  In early May, a delegation of Arkansas’ electric cooperative leaders traveled to Washington, D.C., to protect reliable and affordable power for Arkansans. Our meetings with U.S. House and Senate staff went great. The staff members were very hospitable and wonderfully supportive of our issues. But, in today’s environment of legislative gridlock, even the best

The play’s the thing in Pocahontas

  Two years ago, there was neither “a penny nor a plan,” just the fertile soil of imagination of a small group in Pocahontas. Luckily, the group had proven expertise and passion for good theater and great stage productions that not only entertain but touch the audience. Within one year, The Downtown Playhouse opened with

Make room for Mike’s

In 1992, Mike and Rhonda Linam of Wynne bought a grocery and snack shop located in Colt. They operated it as a grocery store until 1999 when the couple transitioned the store to a full-service restaurant that seats 188 diners. “Our recipes came from family members and have been developed over the years,” said Mike,

Don’t forget about geothermal

Survey says, electric cooperative members nationwide enjoy the monthly magazine published by their statewide associations, including here in Arkansas where we produce Arkansas Living. Each year, random electric co-op members are chosen to participate in a readership survey encompassing many categories, including overall satisfaction, demographic information, broadband access, consumer electronics, travel, conventional and Internet purchases,

Night gardens

Many gardeners aren’t home during the day to enjoy their garden, so creating one that lasts into the evening hours expands your options. Build your night garden where it is easily accessible in the evening, or where you spend your time outdoors at night. Two “moon plants” are the moon vine (Ipomoea alba) and moon

June is National Men’s Health Month

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average male life expectancy in the U.S. is 76.4 years — nearly five fewer than the 81.2 years for women. In addition to being vulnerable to male-specific reproductive issues, men also exhibit higher incidents of conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure than