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Transformed by the light

At 101, Laurel Ellis recalls when electricity came to the farm When they heard rural electricity was coming to their farms, the people of the Jolly Ellis Community in Cross County stopped what they were doing and headed out to watch the Woodruff Electric Cooperative workers string up the lines.  “Oh, what a day that

Floodwater deluges Arkansas farms

  As floodwater from late April’s inundation spread southward through Arkansas, its destructive reach expanded to 977,800 acres of farmland, and the dollar value of its damage had grown to about $175 million as of a May 16 estimate. The estimate was calculated by Eric Wailes, distinguished professor of agricultural economics and agribusiness for the

Coming up roses

  I’m a rose fanatic and have planted them extensively in my garden. My love of roses began when I lived in England doing my graduate work. I became fast friends with Lady Elizabeth Ashbrook, who was crazy about roses and had them all around her estate in Cheshire. So when I came home, I started

2017 Legislative Conference, EV Rally

Arkansas co-ops attend 2017 Legislative Conference Representatives from Arkansas’ electric co-ops joined about 2,000 other co-op leaders in Washington for the annual National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) Legislative Conference on April 24-25. While at the conference, co-op leaders discussed priority issues with members of Congress and their staff. “Advocating for our members doesn’t stop

Meacham’s Restaurant – A regional favorite since 1979

  By the time Troy Meacham opened Meacham’s Restaurant in 1979, he already had decades of restaurant experience, as he started in the business when he was 14. His experience is clearly reflected in the great offerings served at the Ash Flat establishment. Meacham’s is a well-known gathering spot for locals and visitors headed to

Enter the 10th Annual Energy Efficiency Makeover Contest

LED light kits will be given to 170 lucky winners  Here’s a smart energy tip for June. Complete and mail the enclosed, postage-paid entry form/business reply card for a chance to become one of several winners of our 10th Annual Energy Efficiency Makeover Contest.  The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas (ECA) and General Electric (GE) are

Water gardens refresh summer landscapes

Water features add a lot of interest to a home landscape. Whether you create a container water garden or a large waterfall, adding water to a landscape is easy to do. They are an attractive addition to the landscape and not as difficult as you may think to maintain. You don’t have to build Niagara