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Spring Breakations – ‘Staycationing’ outdoors in The Natural State

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since one of the first signs of the COVID-19 pandemic in Arkansas was an extension of spring break for many state schools. At the time, more than a few students thought that would be the beginning and end of the virus. Yet a year later, cautious parents

Grow your own – The fun of vegetable gardening 

Whether you have a multiple-acre plot or a patio, you can grow your own vegetables. With a little bit of know-how and a sunny place, enjoying the bounty of your own labors can be fun, rewarding and tasty. “There are so many reasons to grow your own vegetables, and the flavors are ever so much

The Cooperative Difference:101

  One of my most recent surprises is how many people are unaware of “The Cooperative Difference” — the degree to which electric cooperatives are unlike other utility providers. Back in the 1940s, when for-profit companies were unwilling to bring electricity to rural Arkansas, electric cooperatives were formed. The term “electric cooperative” was synonymous with

Weather Almanac

March in Arkansas often means severe weather as winter turns to spring. Here are some historic weather events in Arkansas for March from the National Weather Service (NWS). March 1, 1833: The low temperature in Little Rock was 11 degrees, and 4 inches of snow fell on the capital city. March 2, 1960: A major

Looking back 75 years ago

In March 1946, Arkansas’ electric co-ops were busy restarting the rural electrification of the state after World War II greatly slowed the movement. Beyond our state, the nation and world were undergoing major changes. Here are some facts and highlights from 1946, the year the co-ops began publishing what is now Arkansas Living. The life

Uniquely Arkansas – Daffodils

 According to a Chinese proverb, “Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men.” The Natural State version: Spring is sooner recognized by daffodils than by Arkansans. It’s not until we’ve wearily hit our wintery wit’s end that we begin to notice the promising pops of green leaves and buoyant bursts of yellow blooms that

Eat My Catfish: Food like Maw Maw made

  Eat My Catfish founder Travis Hester, raised in rural Saline County, began his dream job in 2008 with a case of catfish, a sack of crawfish, a used food trailer that was bought on credit and a vision. His vision included serving customers the freshest food available, cooked by following Maw Maw Wilkerson’s recipes.

Restaurant re-creations: Go ‘out to eat’ at home

Ever go to a restaurant, order an amazing dish and wish you could make it at home? Well, that was the inspiration for this column. These recipes are based on dishes I loved at various restaurants and re-created in my kitchen. I’ve made an easy Enchilada Dip and a heavenly Blue Cheese & Bacon Dip

Which kitchen appliance should I upgrade first?

  If you have an older home that still has appliances dating back to the 1970s or 1980s, you’re smart to consider energy use as you look at replacing them. Most new appliances use much less energy than they did in the past, and manufacturers have found innovative ways to reduce appliance energy use without

Growing fruit can be a peachy pursuit

  As more people try their hand at edible gardening, the idea of growing fruit crops has garnered interest. While fruiting plants can be grown at home, they can require more work than vegetables because they aren’t annual crops. Success largely depends on the type of fruit selected. Fruit crops can be divided into two