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Memorial Day – a time to remember

From the hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery in the nation’s capital to cities and towns across thecountry, Americans will honor the nation’s war dead with solemn ceremonies, decorated graves and parades on May 28. It is a tradition that began in the aftermath of the Civil War, the nation’s deadliest conflict. Cities and towns

Stories of service – Jacksonville museum honors Arkansas’ heroes

Walking in the front door of the Jacksonville Museum of Military History, the first exhibit to greet you has almost 600 metal dog tags hanging from the ceiling in front of a large, Arkansas-shaped plaque. Each dog tag has the name and hometown of an Arkansan killed in action. Each fallen soldier and his hometown

What you don’t know about electric cars could thrill you

 Electric vehicles aren’t just for city driving If you want a really powerful car, maybe one that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, consider an electric vehicle like the NIO EP9. You’re right, that’s too powerful. The NIO EP9 would also cost you more than a million dollars. But

Meet the electric John Deere

Meet the electric John Deere  Green and yellow are arguably the second-most American set of colors, behind red, white and blue, of course. This rings true particularly for those who operate John Deere machinery on a daily basis, as the growth of our nation is supremely dependent on the country’s agriculture industry, including the good

Eating my words, sunny-side up

 In 2014 I was hearing questions from co-op members who wanted to see large-scale solar energy produced in Arkansas, so I wrote a column for this magazine to explain why your cooperative wasn’t building solar energy projects. In that article I said, “So what’s the problem with solar? To tell the truth, it’s just too

Co-op leaders meet with Arkansas’ congressional delegation-Weather almanac

 Representatives from Arkansas’ electric cooperatives gathered in Washington, D.C., as part of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) Legislative Conference on April 9-10. While at the conference, more than 100 co-op leaders from Arkansas took the opportunity to discuss issues of importance with members of Congress and their staffs. “It is important that our

Gadwall’s Grill: A great place to gather and dine

Gadwall’s Grill has become an institution in the North Little Rock and Sherwood area over the past 29 years. It has the cozy feel of a small-town restaurant, with great food that is rivaled only by the delightful personal service of its staff. Karen and Jane Schubert were working in a Little Rock restaurant known

Memorial Day Barbecue

 Nothing kicks off summer like a Memorial Day barbecue. If you plan to host a cookout, we have most of the menu planned for you. If you’re invited somewhere, you can take one of these delicious dishes along! Honey Mint Limeade 6          cups of water 1/2       cup honey 1/2       cup sugar or

Play it cool

 Tips to help you stay comfortable this summer There are several ways to make your home more comfortable this summer. Some of the solutions are low-cost, while others require a bigger investment. In the end, you can be more comfortable and have lower energy bills. The first step is to reduce your home’s solar gains

Azaleas are a natural for Arkansas

The azalea could be considered the state shrub of Arkansas since it is the most common shrub planted in our landscapes. According to the Azalea Society of America, there are more than 10,000 varieties of azaleas that have been registered, and hundreds if not thousands more that are unnamed seedlings. Azaleas come in a wide