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Make a Splash! – Enjoying Arkansas swimming holes

Make a Splash! - Enjoying Arkansas swimming holes They don’t call Arkansas The Natural State for nothing. As the weather heats up and families get restless, the state’s many waterways become almost irresistible attractions. And why not? With thousands of miles of shoreline along creeks, lakes and rivers, Arkansas provides a little something for everyone,

Forces to Bee reckoned with – Cooperatives sponsor 2021 Arkansas State Spelling Bee

Head, heart, hands and health are the “h” words of 4-H. But on this spellbinding March Saturday, the “h” words inside the Vines Center of the Arkansas 4-H campus in Little Rock include “handyman,”  “honeybee,”  “historical”  and this toughie, “horologist” (defined as, “a maker of clocks or watches”). The occasion is the annual Arkansas State

Vitamin Bee

  I often get asked what I do when I am not working. For many years, that was a hard question to answer. My first career was in the U.S. Navy, where I spent a lot of time at sea on a submarine and led a very busy life. What little time I had at

Three options for home cooling

Summer is on the way, and if you are in the market for air conditioning, here are three common options you might consider. We’ve included approximate cost estimates for each. But please be aware that costs are highly variable. Window units/portable cooling Window A/C units or portable A/C units are the least expensive. Portable units

Lake days go swimmingly with make-ahead meals

Warm weather is finally here! It’s time to load up the car and head to the lake with some simple, make-ahead dishes. I have a Kale Salad with Cranberry Dressing, so you can serve your crew something healthy. My flavorful Ginger Pasta Salad is a refreshing side on a summer day; it can double as

Don’t Start Your Diet’ before dining at Coyle’s Family Restaurant

A quaint city in the booming Northwest Arkansas area, Prairie Grove is known for Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park and its annual Clothesline Fair. The area is also quickly becoming known as the home of Coyle’s Family Restaurant. The restaurant, which opened in February of 2019, was designed and built by Jerry Coyle of Prairie Grove,

Reader Recipes – ideas for Mother’s Day

Whether you’re preparing a simple breakfast or special brunch for Mother’s Day (May 9), here are some morning-friendly meal ideas from our Arkansas Living readers. Quick Quiche Makes 12 servings. 1 cup ham, diced, or 12 slices bacon, browned and crumbled 4 tablespoons onion, minced 2 cups Swiss or sharp cheddar cheese, shredded 3 cups

Uniquely Arkansas – Strawberry pickin’ time

It’s one of the sweetest — yet briefest — times of the year in Arkansas: strawberry season. At its most abundant, the season lasts only for a few short(cake) weeks. That even holds true in Arkansas locales that share a name with the berry: around the Strawberry River and in Strawberry, the Lawrence County town.

With planning, plants will have it made in the shade

 As temperatures heat up, gardeners are always happy to have a spot of shade in the yard. Shade gardening is a great way to have your garden and enjoy it all summer. While we can’t grow fruits and vegetables or many lawn grasses in the shade, there are plenty of plant options that offer color