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Arkansas Living celebrates 70 years

Seventy years ago this month, America was looking ahead to the future after the many sacrifices of World War II. As the veterans returned home, they wanted to put the war behind, go back to work, and build families and homes. And the nation’s rural electrification movement, which had slowed during the war, was poised

A visit to Johnny Cash’s childhood home in Dyess

I remember when Johnny Cash died. Forgive me, but I was floored at what a big deal it was — the coverage lasting for months on end. So, at age 30 I decided maybe I should give this Johnny Cash a real listen. I have to admit, that listen changed me. Out of grudging curiosity,

Co-ops see veterans as key players in next generation workforce

  America’s electric cooperatives have long enjoyed a strong relationship with the nation’s armed forces. Most military bases are located in rural areas, and the electric distribution systems at some bases are operated by electric cooperatives. A large percentage of our nation’s troops — some estimates suggest as high as 40 percent — come from

New documentary chronicles Arkansas’ scariest night

In early 2017, public television stations across the U.S. will air an astounding, 92-minute documentary about the single scariest night in Arkansas history. Based on author Eric Schlosser’s book by the same name, “Command and Control” is the newest film in PBS’ award-winning “American Experience” series. “Command and Control” chronicles in chilling detail the night

Why vote?

  I’ve heard from many of you this past month who are disgusted with our political process. You are tired of the misleading ads, the campaign rhetoric, the back-handed compliments, the back-stabbing tactics and the October surprises. Many of you have said, “I’m not voting for anyone this year, I’m staying home.” Don’t make that

Augusta celebrates – awards – hurricane help – fall back

Augusta Generating Station marks 50 years of operation The Carl E. Bailey Generating Station in Augusta marked its 50th anniversary of commercial operation on Oct. 3 with an event at the Augusta facility. The 122-megawatt plant was Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation’s (AECC) second power plant. The natural gas-based plant began commercial operation in 1966 thanks

Eat, drink and have a hoot – McGehee restaurant is heart of community

Susie and David Powell were living the dream — retired and traveling along the Gulf Coast. And then one day, while sitting on the beach, they had an epiphany. “We looked at each other and we said, ‘We can’t live this way anymore,’” Susie recalled. “We were bored. We didn’t have a purpose, and David

Time for a tune-up

Time for a tune-up What do home heating and cooling systems and family vehicles have in common? They are modern conveniences that improve our quality of life. They are also expensive, require fuel for operation and must have preventive maintenance. When properly maintained, they generally provide several years of dependable service. We all understand the

Puckering persimmons

  If you have ever eaten a common persimmon before a frost, you know the definition of “pucker power.” The fruits can be quite astringent. But this year, the trees are loaded with fruit, and if you like persimmons, let them fully mature and then start harvesting. The common persimmon, Diospyros virginiana, is a slow

Keeping foods safe avoids holiday misery

  A central and meaningful part of many holidays, good food has the power to bring friends and family together to celebrate and create new memories. Without attention to food safety, however, that traditional holiday feast can turn into a host for some unwelcome guests, including viruses, parasites and bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, Staph