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A true win-win – Co-op members’ homes get energy efficiency makeovers

  It was 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 16, and the makeover team for the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas’ Energy Efficiency Makeover was on site at the home of Linda Moore, a member of Petit Jean Electric Cooperative. Equipped with caulk guns, boxes of LED lights, cellulose insulation installation equipment and an infrared thermal imaging camera,

Paint your garden with the colors of fall

Summer in Arkansas can take its toll on the garden, so to keep cool, I’ve tried to stay inside and look forward to fall. It’s time to work on my fall garden, and as I always say, grab your crayons and start painting with the colors of fall. Painting your landscape As you plan your

The purses they carried – ESSE Purse Museum chronicles handbags’ history

Think about your mother’s purse. What did it look like? Was it heavy? What did she carry in it? How — and this is one detail many people are surprised to remember — did it smell? These are the sorts of questions Anita Davis loves to ask visitors who wander into her ESSE Purse Museum

Protecting the grid

  Here’s some bad news: today, electric utilities are on the front lines of international cyberwarfare, with enemies bringing the terrorist threat right to our front door. The good news? Your electric cooperative has been building its defenses for years to prepare for the battle. The electric cooperatives in Arkansas experience thousands of cyberattacks every

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AECI board elects new officers The Board of Directors for Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AECI), the statewide service organization of Arkansas electric co-ops and publisher of Arkansas Living, elected new officers at the AECI annual meeting on July 26. They are:  Futrell Butler, a director of the Clay County Electric Cooperative Board of Directors — chairman    

Makeover transforms homes

The homes of 17 electric cooperative members will be much more efficient after being transformed as part of our Ninth Annual Energy Efficiency Makeover Contest.  These winning homes had higher-than-normal electric bills and undesirable comfort issues. Each of the 17 winning households is receiving a $5,000 retrofit package that includes solutions designed to put a

Dig into The Root Cafe’s local delights

Don’t be discouraged if you arrive at The Root Cafe only to discover a line out the door. That just means it’s open. The small cafe in downtown Little Rock’s SoMa (South Main) district has a devoted base of fans for breakfast and lunch, but the line moves quickly. Owners Jack and Corey Sundell opened

Don’t ignore the garden

  Summer is ending, and none too soon for many gardeners. Even though the calendar shows it is September, we probably have another good month of hot weather in store. Some gardeners have had a great season, while others did not. From early heavy rains to high winds to huge rainstorms, heat, humidity, insects and

A hidden epidemic

Until the 1950s, scientists viewed sleep as an inactive state — a passive “shutdown” of the brain. But we know now that sleep is as important to our health as food and water, says the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, approximately 70 million Americans