Health and Wellness

Protect your family from Arkansas mosquitoes!

 Skeeters. Bloodsuckers. Culicidae. The unofficial state bird. Whatever you choose to call them when you are slapping them off your arms and legs, mosquitoes are as much a part of Arkansas outdoor summertime activities as heat and humidity. But according to bug and insect expert David Theuret, there are a…

Vitamin D

If it seems like you’re hearing more about the importance of vitamin D lately, you’re not mistaken. More and more Americans are becoming deficient in this vital nutrient, even as doctors and scientists are learning more about its importance. “It affects nearly every cell and system in the whole body,”…

Heart health

Always consult your doctor for any matters relating to your health. This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. The Undeniable Truths of Heart Health: Diet and Exercise Remain Keys Part 1: How to Sneak More Exercise into Your Day Sonya Angelone, a registered…