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Arkansas Living Announces the 2023 Reader Christmas Cookie Contest!

’Twas 4 months before Christmas, when all through the state;
Were thoughts of Christmas cookies.
4 months?! Who can wait?!
So, the magazine came up with a scheme;
To eat cookies sooner — what a sweet dream!

Send us your best cookie recipes!

Finalists will have their entries published in our December issue, and each will receive a copy of Kat Robinson’s newest cookbook, “The Great Arkansas Pie Book.” One grand prize winner will receive a new, electric KitchenAid stand mixer.

Submission Guidelines

  • Complete the Cookie Contest online form to enter.
  • Submit your favorite Christmas cookie recipes. (Must be original or at least partially so; can be adapted from another recipe with source listed and changes noted.) Limit of 3 entries per person.
  • Ingredients should be listed in order of use, and directions should be clear and complete. Include precise measurements and number of cookies/servings the recipe makes.

The deadline is is August 31.

Cookie Contest Entry