One of my favorite groups of summer-blooming shrubs are flowering spiraeas. There are loads of new varieties, with both colorful foliage and flowers. With the exception of big-leaf hydrangea, oakleaf hydrangea, and gardenia, the rest all bloom on new growth and can be pruned as much or as little before new growth begins.

Pink magenta flowers of the hibiscus syriacus plant, commonly known as the Korean rose, rose of Sharon, Syrian ketmia, shrub althea, or rose mallow, in a garden on a sunny summer day

When we consider blooming shrubs, how long they bloom is just as important as the blooms themselves. Most summer-blooming shrubs are great for attracting bees and butterflies, and many are deer-resistant.

If your garden needs some extra color, plan to add some summer-flowering shrubs either now or in the fall. You may not want to plant when it is so hot outside, but if you water, you can plant year-round.

If your garden needs extra color in the summer, below are some options.

Gardenia Bloom With Multi Color Green Leaves All Around in Spring
The Buddleja davidii bush is blooming in the garden
Summer blooming spireaDouble Play series comes in seven colors.
Little Bonnie, Magic Carpet, Little Princess
Deciduous, mounding plants. Clusters of blooms on new growth. Prune hard in late winter. Deadhead after flowering to encourage more flowers.Full sun to partial shade.
AbeliaConfetti, Kaleidoscope, Mardi Gras, Peach Perfection, Silver Anniversary, Twist of LimeEvergreen, except in really cold winters. Small, white bell-shaped flowers from late May through frost. Lots of variability with mature size and foliage color.Full sun.
Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.
Buddleia or Butterfly BushDwarf - Pugster series and Lo & Behold
Columnar - Tower series
Large - Dark Knight, Miss Molly, Nanho series
Mature height varies by variety.
Flower color can be pink, purple, white, yellow or orange.
Full sun.
Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.
Clethra - Summersweet or Sweet pepperbushDwarf - Sixteen Candles, Hummingbird and Sugartina Pink flowering - Ruby SpiceNative deciduous shrub with fragrant spikes of white or pink flowers.Filtered sun or morning sun and afternoon shade.
Good for pollinators.
GardeniaDwarf - Radicans
Standard - Double: August Beaty; Single; Scentsation More cold-tolerant - Crown Jewel, Jubilation
Evergreen, hardy through Central Arkansas. Very fragrant. Some varieties bloom on old wood and later on new wood. Dwarf and standard varieties. Single and double blooms.Morning sun, afternoon shade.
Well-drained site.
Not drough-tolerant.
Hibiscus syriacus, Rose of Sharon or AltheaAphrodite rose colored, Blue Bird Smoothie Series - Blueberry, Raspberry, White ChiffonDeciduous, long blooming season. Multiple colors, single and double. Tough plants.Full sun to partial shade.
Good for pollinators.