Ozarks Electric Cooperative lineworkers save kittens found in a transformer.
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Electric cooperatives are guided by 7 principles, among them Concern for Community. Recently, lineworkers at Fayetteville-based Ozarks Electric Cooperative demonstrated just that — as well as Concern “fur” Community.

Ozarks Electric Cooperative lineworkers save kittens found in a transformer. Photo: Courtesy Ozarks Electric Cooperative

It began when a Fayetteville citizen spotted a potential “catastrophe” — a mama cat and her four kittens hiding inside a pad-mounted transformer — and reported it to a rescue group. 3 nearby NWA Community Cat Project volunteers responded to examine the scene.

Getting the “feline” that this was a dangerous scenario, volunteers did the smart thing and called Ozarks Electric Cooperative. Lineworkers Jacob Roberts and Bobby Raymo “pawsitively” saved the cats and the day.

“A call to Ozarks Electric Cooperative produced kitten heroes Jacob and Bobby. They assessed the situation and quickly retrieved the babies,” reported the NWA Community Cat Project Facebook page. “As if things hadn’t already gone smoothly, mama cat, who must have been watching nearby, showed up and was quickly trapped. The little family is now in the loving care of (a) volunteer foster.”

Champion horsewoman Barbara Aitken Jenkins works for Arkansas Valley Electric and wrote this month’s cover story. Photo: Courtesy of Barbara Aitken Jenkins

What a truly “purrfect” ending! Speaking of animals and wonderful cooperative colleagues, we’re so pleased that this month’s cover story — about the 60th Arkansas State Championship Horse Show — was written by Barbara Aitken Jenkins. Not only is Barbara the multimedia specialist for Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative in Ozark, but she’s a champion horsewoman in her own right.

Finally, speaking of animals yet again, I hope you enjoy this issue of Arkansas Living as much as Romo — our second photo in a series of magazine-loving pets — enjoys his.