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The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas recently launched the 2023 digital version of its popular Arkansas Legislative Guide. The digital directory is free and offered to iPhone and Android users.

“The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas’ Legislative Guide provides an easy-to-use tool to allow Arkansans to contact their state and federal elected officials,” said Vernon “Buddy” Hasten, president and CEO of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas. “It is important that electric cooperative members stay in contact with their elected officials, and our app simplifies the process.”

The app provides names and detailed profiles of officials, interactive contact links with telephone numbers and addresses, detailed district maps and other pertinent information.

“Arkansas’ electric cooperatives are advocates for our members,” said Bill Gossage, vice president of governmental affairs with the cooperatives. “As always, by working with our members, we ensure that policies and laws are fair and in the best interest of Arkansans.”

Visit Legislative Guide Website. Or use either the iPhone/Apple or Android/Google Play QR code provided here to download the app to your device by following these steps:

  1. Open your camera on your phone or tablet (select the rear-facing camera).
  2. Hold your device so that the QR code appears in viewfinder. When your device recognizes the QR code, tap the notification to open the link.
  3. Download the free app on your device.

The Arkansas Legislative Guide app is one more way that the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas are staying ahead of Arkansas’ energy needs and leading the way for a balanced approach to providing affordable, reliable and responsible power.