The Buttered Biscuit has locations in Springdale (pictured), Bentonville and Fayetteville.
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The Buttered Biscuit

Locations in Bentonville, Springdale and Fayetteville

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Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday: 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Anna and Sam Russell love breakfast, but they couldn’t find a restaurant that they liked. So, the couple opened their own place, The Buttered Biscuit in Northwest Arkansas.

Sam, who was in consumer packaged goods for a national company, credits Anna as the visionary behind the venture.

“Anna felt led to open a restaurant and began calling Realtors,” Sam said. “We decided to put breath into her dream. We went in full steam ahead and opened our first location in April 2017. It just took off, and it never slowed down. Within a week, I had resigned my position with my employer to help with the restaurant. It exceeded our expectations tremendously, as the restaurant met a consumer desire.”

The couple had a 4-month-old, and Anna was pregnant around the time of the opening of the first location. Their family, which has four children, grew along with the business.

Today, Buttered Biscuit has two Bentonville locations, a Springdale location and a Fayetteville location.

The couple’s talents balance the enterprise and fuel the ongoing success. Sam’s strengths include planning and branding, while Anna has a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. The couple experimented with many recipes before opening their first location, and continues to evaluate and update the menu.

At the Springdale location, I asked my excellent server Olivia to help me pick out dishes to try. She steered me in the right direction.

The Buttered Biscuits and Gravy are a bestseller. The Avocado Grove Toast is a great menu item for those looking for something a little lighter. I enjoyed every bite of the rustic sourdough bread topped with melted Swiss cheese, avocado spread, two sunny-side-up eggs, fresh ground pepper and pepitas. The toast was served with a fresh side salad.

The Avocado Grove Toast is one of the lighter menu items at The Buttered Biscuit.

The Kickin’ Chicken Waffles are a winner, winner, featuring a spicy fried chicken fillet on a signature waffle served with delicious bacon jam, syrup, powdered sugar and two eggs.

Who needs to go to New Orleans for beignets when you could have the fabulous house-made Raspberry Beignets at The Buttered Biscuit? Each mouthful was enhanced by raspberry melba, orange honey butter and powdered sugar. Lemon curd and cinnamon sugar are other varieties.

The Buttered Biscuit’s Raspberry Beignets are served with orange honey butter and topped with raspberry melba and powered sugar.

The menu offers many biscuit sandwiches, including the Eureka. This creation features a golden fried chicken fillet topped with bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese, egg and cilantro aioli on a homemade biscuit.

The Lila Lemon-Cakes, fluffy blueberry pancakes layered with lemon curd, blueberries and sweet cream, are excellent —  a wonderful, sweet and tangy treat. Omelets, Benedicts, breakfast bowls and traditional breakfast items are also available.

Sam and Anna worked with locally owned Onyx coffee to develop the blend offered. According to Sam, coffee is “the pinnacle” to them.

All four locations of The Buttered Biscuit have great service and wonderful food while maintaining an atmosphere that is clean and sleek, yet warm and homey.

Biscuit sandwiches, like the Eureka with fried chicken, are a must-try at The Buttered Biscuit

Sam said employees follow well-planned processes to ensure consistency and adhere to five core principles: honesty, ownership, care, excellence and positivity.