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Since 2012, the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas have participated in the THV11 Summer Cereal Drive to benefit the Arkansas Foodbank.

The campaign is an annual effort to collect nonperishable breakfast items for food-insecure families during the summer months.Summer Cereal Drive Logo.

In 2022, the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas definitely did not “flake” out. Employees raised a total of $24,067 — or 24,067 boxes of cereal ($1 equals one box of cereal) — and received the Wanda Bateman Award for the highest amount donated among participating organizations.

Employees could donate via payroll deductions, purchase items from a silent auction, and participate in a cookout fundraiser and the “Pie the Director” fundraiser.

To see our progress or make a team donation through July 7, scan the QR code with your smart device. For more information, visit