Fantastic fall colors and where to find them

 Arkansas’ official state photographers share their tips Few people put as many miles on Arkansas roads as Casey Crocker and Kirk Jordan, full-time photographers for the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism. If you see an Arkansas photo in a state tourism brochure or advertisement, or on or, it’s almost certain that

10 Pro Tips for Picture-Perfect Fall Foliage Photos

Whether fall 2020 brings us the bounty of glorious foliage we hope to see or a season of more muted autumn leaves, a camera–even a smartphone camera–can help capture and enhance the scenery we find. For ideas on how to get the best fall photos, we turned to Casey Crocker and Kirk Jordan, the staff

Class acts – Jasper and Bradley educators named Arkansas Rural Teachers of the Year

They’re charged with instructing our youth, but this year, Arkansas teachers got quite the education. The COVID-19 pandemic, which involved unexpected crash courses in problem-solving and quick thinking, has required teachers at all education levels to master new classroom technology and coping skills. Due to health concerns, Arkansas schools were shuttered in March; the state-mandated