Memorial Day – a time to remember

From the hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery in the nation’s capital to cities and towns across thecountry, Americans will honor the nation’s war dead with solemn ceremonies, decorated graves and parades on May 28. It is a tradition that began in the aftermath of the Civil War, the nation’s deadliest conflict. Cities and towns

Stories of service – Jacksonville museum honors Arkansas’ heroes

Walking in the front door of the Jacksonville Museum of Military History, the first exhibit to greet you has almost 600 metal dog tags hanging from the ceiling in front of a large, Arkansas-shaped plaque. Each dog tag has the name and hometown of an Arkansan killed in action. Each fallen soldier and his hometown

Memorial Day Barbecue

 Nothing kicks off summer like a Memorial Day barbecue. If you plan to host a cookout, we have most of the menu planned for you. If you’re invited somewhere, you can take one of these delicious dishes along! Honey Mint Limeade 6          cups of water 1/2       cup honey 1/2       cup sugar or