Co-op Tradition at Top of the Pole

Craighead lineworkers find money intentionally left on aging utility poles It was nearly 40 years ago, but Craighead Electric Cooperative CEO Brian Duncan still remembers the words of “old school lineman” L.A. Carter to young maintenance crews. “[Carter] would tell these young guys as green as grass that the best-paying ground job is a lineman,”

Winter in Arkansas

It’s January in Arkansas – the month when The Natural State usually gets the coldest temperatures and any snow or ice of the season. Arkansas photographers Tim Ernst, Steve Creek, Matthew Parks and David Eoff have captured many stunning images of winter in Arkansas. Here is a look at the season, in all its frozen

Big River Crossing provides spacious views of mighty Mississippi

  Since last fall, there’s an exciting new way to cross the mighty Mississippi River in West Memphis. The Big River Crossing officially opened on Oct. 22, 2016, amid fanfare, fireworks and special events on both sides of the river. The Big River Crossing now connects West Memphis to downtown Memphis. A major focus of

An interview with Speaker of the House Jeremy Gillam

2017 Legislative Outlook Editor’s note: On Jan. 9, lawmakers from across the state will arrive at the Arkansas State Capitol for the 91st General Assembly. Arkansas Living is pleased to share an article from our interview with Speaker of the House Jeremy Gillam about what he sees for the upcoming session. And on page 18,