Searcy’s Season to  Shine

After winning a $500,000 investment in the community, Searcy stars on television series’ new season It was a sultry late-June evening, the kind where the clouds overhead seem to hold in the heat instead of cooling it down, but the picturesque scene in downtown Searcy that Friday could still take your breath away. Thousands filled

Franke’s Cafeteria celebrates a century of feeding Arkansas

This month, Franke’s Cafeteria will blow out 100 candles on its birthday cake. Perhaps more appropriate would be pie. Egg custard pie. The creamy, lightly spiced signature dessert is one of the savored specialties at Franke’s — which claims to be “Arkansas’ Oldest Restaurant” on its plastic trays — that has kept customers coming back

Clinton Center exhibit features ocean refuse transformed into art

From a distance, the work of art just outside the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rocklooks like a giant fish of many colors. Closer up, that impression turns out to be a load of trash — literally so. The big fish is a sculpture of throwaways, crafted from flotsam and jetsam by Angela