Let’s ride! – See The Natural State on a motorcycle

 Drive along just about any road in Arkansas on a warm and sunny day, and you’ll see motorcycles of all types and sizes. Cruisers, dual-sport bikes, dirt bikes, Harleys, Hondas, Yamahas … and the list goes on. The lure of seeing Arkansas’ beautiful landscape on two or three wheels is so strong that motorcycling, or

Memories of D-Day

 Arkansas World War II vet recalls his role in the Normandy invasion He didn’t want to talk about it. Charles A. Dumas, like many World War II combat veterans, simply wanted to move on with his life. It took his grandchildren two years to convince him to watch Saving Private Ryan, a 1998 film with

Salvias: Workhorses of the garden

 I often get asked by gardeners which plants are among my favorites. As a garden designer and lifelong plant connoisseur, that can sometimes feel like a trick question.  But if someone is looking for a plant that is hardy, long-blooming, and culinary to boot, then it’s tough to beat the versatile and beautiful salvia. Salvias,

The ‘Waving Man’ on Highway 5

 Drivers get friendly welcome from local resident Donald Ray Smith doesn’t say much as he sits in a chair along Arkansas 5, just south of El Paso in White County, and waves at passers-by. His dog Old Yeller is often close, sometimes sitting on a chair next to him. “I don’t know. I like to