From the Farm – Caring for Christmas greenery

  Starting out in the retail nursery business, I looked forward to the scent of fresh evergreens in the greenhouses when the cut trees were delivered. The sharp, familiar aroma always filled me with holiday spirit. That spirit predates me by centuries. That’s right! If you’ve never stopped to ponder the history of the Christmas


75 years of relationship-powered energy

Southwest Power Pool celebrates anniversary  Trivia question: Who knows what a lit light bulb today has to do with the United States entering World War II? For about 18 million households in the U.S. using electricity generated by members of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) in Little Rock (including Arkansas’ electric co-ops), each act of


USS Hoga is centerpiece of 75th anniversary celebration

On Dec. 7, 1941, the crew of the USS Hoga tugboat, moored in Pearl Harbor, watched as Japanese fighter planes relentlessly attacked the U.S. Navy’s battleships, spurring the U.S.’s entry into World War II. Within 10 minutes of the attack, the Hoga, which was equipped with firefighting equipment, was in action, heading toward Battleship Row.