Make a Splash! – Enjoying Arkansas swimming holes

Make a Splash! – Enjoying Arkansas swimming holes They don’t call Arkansas The Natural State for nothing. As the weather heats up and families get restless, the state’s many waterways become almost irresistible attractions. And why not? With thousands of miles of shoreline along creeks, lakes and rivers, Arkansas provides a little something for everyone,

Forces to Bee reckoned with – Cooperatives sponsor 2021 Arkansas State Spelling Bee

Head, heart, hands and health are the “h” words of 4-H. But on this spellbinding March Saturday, the “h” words inside the Vines Center of the Arkansas 4-H campus in Little Rock include “handyman,”  “honeybee,”  “historical”  and this toughie, “horologist” (defined as, “a maker of clocks or watches”). The occasion is the annual Arkansas State

Vitamin Bee

  I often get asked what I do when I am not working. For many years, that was a hard question to answer. My first career was in the U.S. Navy, where I spent a lot of time at sea on a submarine and led a very busy life. What little time I had at